Documentation for log homes building

Automatically generated documentation includes:


The sketch design showing the client how the future house will look:

K3-Cottage. The program creates the appearance of the future house, the view points, axonometric and perspective projections.The program creates the appearance of the future house, the view points, axonometric and perspective projections.

When working in K3-Cottage a large variety of specific house elements such as ceiling and flooring beams, columns, consoles, shaped apertures, ladders, terraces is at your disposal. When creating any construction element of the house the program automatically makes all the calculations of each element (grooves, cuts, compensators, etc.) and introduces into project all the necessary technological data. The model of the house is created depending on the characteristics of the construction materials applied at your manufacture. The modelling is performed in 3D mode and is displayed simultaneously on all views. The method significantly simplifies the designer’s job.


 K3-Cottage. Floor house plansFloor house plans

On the floor plan the wall axes and distances between them are displayed. Separate premises are allocated automatically. The program calculates on request the room floorspace, the area of flat and visible sectors of walls, volume and perimeter of each room. The area of walls is calculated with regard to door and window apertures. The dimensions and boundaries of door and window apertures can be put down on the plan.


 K3-Cottage. Front viewsFront views

The Front views report shows the house projections from different sides. It presents the drawings of the facades with distances between axes and height marks.


K3-Cottage. Roof plans. Roof plans

Roof plans display axes of walls and distances between them, contours of slopes and height marks. For each slope the direction and the inclination may be specified, the slope area and perimeter can be counted up.


Presentation materials

The model can be presented on background of a specific landscape. The designer can paint the model in natural colors, the program may present the model from any arbitrary point, more than that it provides an opportunity to take a walk in and around the house. The last version of the program creates a photorealistic image from 5 to10 times faster. The image can be printed.

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Manufacture documentation:

K3-Cottage. Specification sheets for the wall elements.

Specification sheets for the wall elements (with the drawings and markings of each log, showing all the technological elements: notches, holes for treenails and through bolts, cuts for windows, log end cuts, etc.)

The wall elements specification sheet (table of logs) is the main manufacture document. This table contains highly detailed drawings of each log with all the necessary dimensions. Logs are grouped by walls, by courses or by length. Besides, same logs can be incorporated into one line of the table.



K3-Cottage.  Log cutting tables Log cutting tables

The Log Cutting Table represents charts of optimum cutting. The charts are designed to minimize the construction costs and to reduce the amount of cutting residues. The cutouts contain the detailed drawings of logs including the unique names, lengths, notches, treenails, through bolts, log end markings and scale of sawcuts as well as the list cutting residues. The system locates all logs with open half-saddle notches in such manner that the half-saddle notch form an entire notch on the log. Logs are grouped by material. For each material the system calculates the volume of workpieces and the amount of waste in cubic meters and in percent. After creating the cutting charts the Total material consumption table is generated. The system also creates a table of stickers for the reusable residues.

K3-Cottage. Board cutting tables

Board cutting tables

The The Table of Board Cutting report contains drawings of boards and their sections, as well as board numbers, lengths and amount. Boards are grouped by material and by group names. The identical boards can be incorporated into one line of the table. For each material the common length, the area and the volume are counted up.

K3-Cottage. Material Register.

Material Register

The Material Register contains the detailed information on consumption of logs and beams, insulation material, structure elements and other materials necessary for manufacture and assemblage of the designed house. The Material Register report presents a table of materials used in the project along with the quantity of materials, their amount and cost.

K3-Cottage. Table of openings (for ordering and manufacture of windows and doors)

Table of openings (for ordering and manufacture of windows and doors)

The Table of Openings report contains drawings of apertures with specified dimensions and names. Openings are divided into Window openings and Doorways. Identical openings can be incorporated in one cell of the table. For each type of opening the system calculates area of each opening, the amount, and the total area.

K3-Cottage. Identification labels of each log (Nameplates)

Identification labels of each log (Nameplates)

The Nameplates report is a table of log numbers. Printed on the self-adhesive paper, it can be used for marking logs and beams for the purposes of manufacture and assembly.

K3-Cottage. Instructions for the numerical-controlled machine units

Instructions for the numerical-controlled machine units

K3-Cottage compatibility with the industrial equipment allows to transmit data to numerical-controlled machine units such as Schmidler, Makron, Stromab, Kruesi, Auer, Essetre. If your machine differs from the listed above, your data transfer module will be will developped and supplied without increase in price.



Construction documentation:

K3-Cottage. Wall involutes with markings of each log (Wall assembly charts)

Wall involutes with markings of each log (Wall assembly charts)

Wall involutes serve as the control document both for log manufacture and for assemblage of the house. The involutes of each wall display construction axes of adjoining walls; the scale of courses; names and lengths of logs; opening, column and beam height marks; and also chains of the necessary dimensions. On the designer’s request the program specifies for each aperture its name and boundaries.

K3-Cottage. Plan of courses (Row-by-row assembly instructions)

Plan of courses (Row-by-row assembly instructions)

Plan of courses is an important assembly document. It allows control sequence of laying courses and logs of the project. Each plan of courses displays:

  • Names of walls;
  • Wall axes and distances between them;
  • Wall projections;
  • Unique numbers of logs;
  • Distances between logs located in one course.

K3-Cottage. Plans of beams

Plans of beams

The plan of beams displays axes and contours of walls, axes and contours of beams; distances between walls axes and between axes of each group of beams and distance from an extreme beam to the nearest wall. The program also specifies names of walls and beams.